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Welcome to The Group System. Are you having difficulties in managing group business? Here's the innovative way of handling group payment's of all sizes!

No more second guessing or trying to overbook to
accommodate for late cancellations!


Why you need The Group System…

Managing groups has always being very difficult for any business who works with them on a weekly basis.

Research carried out by theGroupSystem.com shows that on average a group booking will decrease by 23% by the date of the booking (data taken from Hotel bookings, activity centres, & event management companies). Of this 23%, 19% will be cancelled less than 1 week prior to the group booking.

This leaves the business with the difficult task of trying to fill these late cancellations or overbooking to try to offset the loss of revenue.

Why The Group System?

The Group System is an innovative system that takes away the pain out of handling group payments for businesses of all size. The system provides any business the opportunity to control their group bookings so they can accurately set or predict what their groups’ numbers will be on the arrival date/time. This allows businesses to control staffing, room allocations, seating, and any services offered well in advance.

What are the benefits?

  • You will be in full control of your groups and will no longer need to overbook or have last minute cancellations.
  • You will be able to set incentives, discounts and encourage larger groups to book and pay earlier.
  • You can choose to be paid weeks in advance, whether it be full payment or a partial deposits.
  • You will be able to cut losses and increase sales with every group booking.

Take a tour now to discover for yourself the ease and magnificence of our remarkable, new, and innovative group booking system.


Take a tour now to discover the ease and magnificence of this remarkable system.