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Welcome to The Group System. Are you having difficulties in managing group business? Here's the innovative way of handling group payment's of all sizes!

No more second guessing or trying to overbook to
accommodate for late cancellations!

About Us

TheGroupSystem.com is a sister company of www.SEMmyBusiness.com. SEMmyBusiness is one of Ireland’s top online marketing companies. We have built and marketed many websites across a broad range of industries.

After working closely with several of our clients, we found out that they were having great difficulty in managing their group bookings. We discovered that they had to spend considerable resources contacting groups to finalise details and to receive payments. This discovery led us on an innovative journey to change the way businesses manage their group bookings and payments.

TheGroupSystem.com is the worlds leading group management system and is leading the shift in many industries on how businesses manage their group bookings. Our trusted software is used to accurately manage groups at all stages of the booking process.  We aim to give businesses better control of group bookings with the help of our software.

Thanks to our innovation and technology, all of our software comes with a low cost, low risk, and will yield immediate results. This is a priority for all business investments and we understand this. Check out the various industries that make use of our software system here.



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