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Welcome to The Group System. Are you having difficulties in managing group business? Here's the innovative way of handling group payment's of all sizes!

No more second guessing or trying to overbook to
accommodate for late cancellations!


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Make Life Easy for  You & Your Business

Business Features

Add the payment due date.

Getting groups to make a financial commitment is a great way to give you as a business more security.  Some businesses choose to use this feature to be fully paid as early as 4 weeks before the group arrives. Other companies use this feature for groups to make a partial deposit to show their commitment.

See who paid, when they paid, and who has not paid.

No more second guessing, you can see exactly how a group is progressing with payments. You no longer will be relying on trusting the organiser to make sure everyone pays. You can use this information to help you highlight difficult groups or groups that have a high  possibility of cancelling.

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Easily send the group emails.

When you are logged into the system, you can easily send emails to group leaders and guests via the built in email feature. This saves you time and hassle.

Easily add packages at several price points.

TheGroupSystem.com gives you the ability to display prices at several price points. This is particular good for groups who have mixed prices. This is great for any business that may require the group members to pay different rates.

Upload a full itinerary for travel agents.

This feature is especially good for tour companies, travel agents and event management companies. You have the opportunity to upload a PDF itinerary that group members can view so they know exactly what they are paying for. They can also download and print this out.

Editable to website design.

An important factor for any business is that the look and the feel of the system is incorporated into there website. We make sure the system is 100% integrated so there is no difference between your website and the group management system part of the website.

Set up automatic reminders and follow ups for the groups.

Most companies that try to get groups to pay in advance usually spend considerable time chasing after individual group members. With the Group System, this is integrated to the software and you can have reminder messages automatically sent to groups.

You can choose when the message should be sent, how many reminder messages to send, whom to send them to, and the days they are to be sent. This can also be used for follow-ups after the booking. This is a brilliant way to get testimonials, take surveys from customers, and make sure they were happy with your service/company.

Request room lists from groups.

This fantastic built-in feature is one that accommodation companies find very useful as it makes check-in and room allocation/lists easy to automate. Group organisers can choose the room allocation for the group sometimes weeks in advance and you can monitor it in real time without the need to contact the groups directly.

Market to all group instead of the group leader.

Some companies we deal with have told us that this single feature alone makes the Group System a must have. This feature allows for increased market value by opening a lot more sale and resale opportunities. New subscriptions for a company’s newsletter can rise by as much as 1400% depending on the industry.

Smart companies have used this feature to get a company’s message and products out by up to 14 times more than if this system was not used. Website traffic will also take a dramatic spike upward, resulting in more enquiries and sales for your business.


Give Them the Tools to Stay Organised

Group Organiser Features

Login and invite all your friends.

Give your customers our solution for handling groups and they will love you. We take the pain that group leaders must go through to manage a group. The group leader can login and do everything while most importantly you remain in control and can see the exact status of each group.

See who has paid and not paid.

No more carrying around a piece of paper or tracking everything on excel, theGroupSystem.com makes life easy for group leaders. They can see who has paid, how much they paid, and when they paid.

This helps make even the most disorganised people organised! As a business owner, you can gauge on how well the group is organised as you will have full access to their details, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Let the system send out automatic email reminders on your behalf.

As a business you want to be sure your group leaders are capable of managing and organising the group. Everyone needs reminders, especially when it comes to anything that involves groups.

TheGroupSystem gives you the opportunity to have pre-written emails that are sent on behalf of the organiser, giving the business more control. You tell the system when you want the reminders sent and what to say. Set it once and then forget about it.

Send personal emails to any of the group members.

Giving your customers the right tools to help them is important which is why we give group organisers and their invited guests the ability to send emails to each other to discuss any issues they may have about their group booking.

As a business, it helps you to make sure there is good communication between the group members as some may not know each other and may not have each other’s contact details.

Pay for yourself and other members of the group at once.

TheGroupSystem makes it easy for everyone to pay online. Each member can also pay for any other group member making it even easier for a group to pay leaving no excuses about non-payment. This feature is another added feature to make sure you are paid on time.

Receive an email on who has paid the second they have paid.

Make the unorganised, organised. Make the organised, super organised. This feature notifies the group leader every time when someone from the group pays. This feature further aids the group organiser in staying on top of everyone and making sure the whole process is a smooth transaction for your business.

Be updated on who accepts and declines invitations.

Some groups may have very large numbers of invitees added by the organiser and this can make it difficult for a business owner to know how many of the invitees actually intend to pay. We added this feature to allow invitees to either accept or decline an invitation.

This informs the organiser and business owner in advance of payment deadlines the expected group size saving considerable communication time wasting and allowing pre-planning allocating rooms, seating, services, etc.



They Are Just as Important as the Group Leader

Group Guest/ Invitee Features

Login and pick your package and pay.

Login any time of the day choose what you want to pay for and thats it. You can pay for yourself or all your friends.


See who is going and who has paid.

Give guests the option to see who has paid and who is going. This can be a big deciding factor on whether they will go or not. A feature that is unheard of with traditional models. This feature will give guests the opportunity to vote if they are going or not going early on.

Send emails to other guests.

There are times when group members do not have the other members’ emails or phone numbers. No need to worry!

We give members the ability to email each other from within the system. Keeping good communication between the group members will help them stay organised.

Get automated emails from the organiser regarding payment.

Everybody can get so busy that it’s so easy to forget to get everything or anything done. We make collecting payment from guests easier by sending payment reminders via automated email to ensure they don’t forget. This is another great feature to make sure you are paid in advance.

Invite guests that the group organiser forgot to invite.

Sometimes. the group organiser does not know everyone, or forgets a name or two. With this feature, guests can also invite other guests so no one is left out.

Check out the package itinerary.

The organiser has the option to allow guests to see the itinerary or not. The itinerary is uploaded as a PDF file which can be downloaded and printed out. This feature allows the organiser to show guests exactly what they paid for or keep it all a big surprise.


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